Best Places To Visit Caribbean in 2020

The Caribbean has always been the most coveted destination for holidays, living, and retirement. Consisting of multiple island groups and some coastal countries on the mainland, the Caribbean offers a vast array of places to live, each of which has its own pros and cons. Join us in exploring the 10 best places to visit, to live, to retire in the Caribbean.


Barbados is a truly enthralling and fascinating Caribbean destination. This place has a wide range of accommodation, from budget-friendly studios to beachfront luxury condos. For many people, crime rates are an essential consideration when choosing somewhere to call home, and Barbados is one of the safest places to live in the Caribbean. Barbados’s most significant industry is tourism, so this is the industry with the most job opportunities. Added to our year-round warm climate, beautiful countryside, world-class beaches and countless activities, this is an ideal backdrop for the more sustainable work-life balance many are craving for their families.

9. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are located in the Eastern Caribbean. These islands are the real paradise with sparkling blue waters, lush forests, and beautiful beaches that are open year-round. It is easy to stay active if you retire in Antigua and Barbuda. Popular activities include hiking, golf, tennis, snorkelling, windsurfing, diving, swimming, and bicycling. The country is also a leading sailing destination and hosts Antigua Sailing Week each year. Barbuda, on the other hand, is remarkably undeveloped, making it a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

8. Roatán, Honduras

An emerald escape in the western Caribbean, Roatán has quietly graduated from secret divers’ getaway to livable island haven. Just 50 square miles, this green, hilly island off Honduras’ northern coast is long and skinny, fringed by a reef rich with sea life and garnished by white-sand beaches. The beaches here are quiet and pristine. Life is laidback, lived in rhythm with the sun and the surf. A quiet haven for communities of expats. You can buy a vacation home or permanent digs to live out their sunny, low-cost, and comfortable retirement. The infrastructure is good and getting better all the time, with a new power plant online and the recent opening of a hospital with specialist care and a 24-hour emergency room.

7. The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the cheapest places to live in the Caribbean. The weather is warm every day, all year. White sand beaches, clear water, and year-round sunshine are attractive to almost any retiree, and you can find all of these things throughout the Caribbean. Snorkelling, sailing, diving, and much more are also always available to fill your days. And health care is improving in the Dominican Republic all the time. Another reason the Dominican Republic is attractive to retirees is that the government offers special incentives to retirees and investors. Santo Domingo, Luperon, Barahona are some of the best places to live here.

6. Puerto Rico

In the northeastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico is an archipelago known for its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and an enviable climate. Although Spanish remains the island’s primary language, English is widely spoken. The cost of living in Puerto Rico has increased over the year and is high compared to many popular retirement destinations abroad. The cost of rental housing is comparable to the mainland US, but if you have the financial ability to purchase a home, this is the best option. Almost all activities are family-oriented, whether it’s a day at the beach, a visit to a museum, a municipal festival or an evening meal. Family is very important to the people of Puerto Rico, and once you have spent time with them, you too become family.

5. The Bahamas

The coral archipelago made up of 700 islands is not only a magnet for sun-seeking tourists but also for retirees. The Bahamas are friendly to newcomers, there’s no foreign language to cope with, crime is relatively low, and the islands are positioned just off the Florida coast. Grand Bahama Island has become a haven for beach-lovers as well as divers, fishermen, golfers, and sports enthusiasts of all kinds. It’s also a prime destination for people who enjoy world-class shopping. Apart from marrying a local, buying real estate will get you permanent residency status. Also eligible for residency status are doctors who have been in practice for at least 20 years and nurses, police officers and teachers with a minimum of 10 years under their professional belt.

4. Grenada

Grenada is a popular location for those who want a second home. It has a Citizenship by Investment program, which can make the transition smoother. The first thing you notice when arriving in Grenada is its temperate climate and rich topography. It is also popular among retirees who want to enjoy their retirement in stunning surroundings while still enjoying plenty of leisure options. Apart from beaches, Grenada has a rain forest to explore and hot springs to unwind in. The submerged volcano heats the pools to 35°C, making for a truly relaxing experience.

3. Martinique

Known as “The Flower of the Caribbean”, Martinique has a unique ambience that reflects its diverse cultural background. As a Department of France, the inhabitants enjoy EU citizenship but speak primarily a local Creole. The topography of Martinique is also diverse, ranging from mountainous terrain in the north to a flatter southern area that also has a drier climate. In addition to beautiful beaches, great sailing and diving, there are also other outdoor sports that take advantage of the lush vegetation and hilly terrain of the north. Martinique is internationally known for its water sports. Diving, sailing, surfing and kite surfing are just an example of what activities are available. Also, the mountainous region is ideal for walking and hiking.

2. The British Virgin Islands

Considered some of the safest islands in the The Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are known for their breathtaking beaches and stunning national parks. The capital of the British Virgin Islands is Road Town, which is located on Tortola. This is the largest of the islands, and it is home to the Sage Mountain National Park. It is a popular yachting destination, and it has reef-lined beaches. Life in the British Virgin Islands is ideal for those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

1. Turks and Caicos

Surrounded by brilliant turquoise blue water, Turks and Caicos offer some of the most stunning white-sand beaches in the Caribbean. A favorite destination of upscale vacationers, it is also an ideal place to retire. With a small population spread over several islands, it is easy to find peace and relaxation on its miles of deserted beaches. The main island, Provinciales, is a bit more lively but still has the charming, unhurried pace found on the other islands. It supports the vast majority of the development in the country.

Most of the stores, infrastructure, accommodations and utilities are found here. Before a decision is made to move, you need to come and visit these islands – not as a tourist- like a local.

During your stays, talk to local people of all walks of life, so you’ll have a better understanding of the island before moving there.

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